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Sitting here in this base in Costa Rica, within minutes of exactly 4 years from my machete attack read round the world, my thoughts are, in part, something like…

“Four years… How has it already been that long?! … How has it only been that long?!”

As I’ve said many times, every moment is a near death experience, some are just more memorable. 

Such was the case for this one.

Shortly after, I typed these words from my hospital bed, post surgery

 “So, (Lord Willin), I’ll return back to the States soon with, and to, loving family and friends that I also did not earn, and leaving behind newly found friends in South Africa.  But I’ll return knowing that I cannot stay forever. I must go boldly and continue to unleash others to go boldly into the darkness both at home and abroad, for it is the only way I can spend this life so that people like my attackers will possibly be freed from their prison of self-worship, and to stop ‘bustin folks upside the head’ for some paper and paranoia.”

Thankfully the Lord, through a number of means, has allowed me to pursue just that. 

Through His direct provision, through His vision, and through the financial partnership and prayers of many… from that day on, I’ve been able to visit over 20 countries and 10 states (some more than once), spend at least 4 days internationally with over 20 different World Race squads, and a few more for at least a couple of days.  

I’ve been able to coach at least 14 groups of racers through their journey at a conference post World Race called Project Searchlight, emceeing about half of those, and work at least 15 different World Race training camps. 

Nearly all of those numbers are, at least, double what I’d done in the 4 years prior with Adventures in Missions.

I’ve been able to attend probably 15 or so weddings since that day and visit at least 10 to 15 states, and go on my own romantic roller coasters.

I’ve been able to see my friend’s families grow, and their individual children grow.  I’ve been able to mourn with those who’ve lost love and loved ones.

I’ve been able to weep with those who weep and rejoice with those who rejoice.

Earlier today, I got to spend time with some young men building relationship with skaters and bikers at a skate park in a place I never imagined myself being and in a little over 3 hours (Lord willin’) I’ll get to share some of the tools the Lord has revealed to me since that day to help 30 or so 18-21 year olds navigate their journey through life.  

For 4 years beyond what could VERY reasonably have been the end, He keeps letting me live life more abundantly.

God didn’t let that machete shut me down, or really even slow me down. He used it reignite and propel me!

What the enemy meant for evil… the Lord meant for good…am I right?

What has the enemy meant for evil in your life that instead you will decide to partner with the Lord in bringing about good?

On that note, Happy Machete-versary! 

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