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HAPPY 5th Macheteversary everyone!

It’s a bit hard to believe that it’s been 5 years since my most infamous near death moments. 

I have come to hold this day (and this specific hour within the day) with reverence and a renewal of toward gratitude. It serves almost like another birthday or maybe more like a non-death day!

Today (so far) I’ve been able to celebrate with a run, 1100 skips of the jump rope, a shower, a bowl of cereal, bananas, and peanut butter for breakfast, followed by chicken tenders, salad, and fries for lunch; a meeting with some friends, 4 one on ones with men I’m blessed to be able to invest my life into, an hour alone with the Lord, followed by spaghetti, salad, and garlic bread for dinner, and now pouring out this blog.

I thank you Lord for the first 29 years, 8 months, 9 days, and 2.5 hours of my life! They were a blessing! But on this day, I thank you even more specifically for days like today and for the last 5 years full of bonus moments You’ve given me.

I’m reminded that I am deeply blessed to have so many gifts.
I’m reminded that I am deeply blessed to feel joy.
I’m reminded that I am deeply blessed to feel pain.
I’m reminded that I am deeply blessed to feel nothing sometimes.
I’m reminded that I am deeply blessed to walk.
I’m reminded that I am deeply blessed to see.
I’m reminded that I am deeply blessed to hear.
I’m reminded that I am deeply blessed to hurt.
I’m reminded that I am deeply blessed to laugh.
I’m reminded that I am deeply blessed to cry.
I’m reminded that I am deeply blessed to be alive, with all the easy, hard, enjoyable, and difficult experiences and everything in between that living entails.

Thank You for all the people I have been able to encounter on this journey; for the friends and family I’ve been able to experience for most of the first 3 decades. And today, I especially thank You for those I’ve gotten to know in the 5 years since those men, blinded by the prison of their perspective, thought my life less valuable than the things that could fit in their hands.

Thank you for all the friends, family, loves, and likes I’ve lost before and after that October Zambian day. Thank you for letting my path cross theirs and their path cross mine. May my experiences with them be leveraged to make me more like You.

For all of them gained and lost Lord, I pray that they got everlasting pieces of You through me, and that those who I will gain in my remaining days will get even more.

Thank you God for letting me ride this earth another lap around the sun and for 5 more years worth of extra spins. Help me to never take for granted the gifts You give me each day and prompt me to use them to bless others in Your name as You would want.

Peace out everyone, here’s to hopin’ and prayin’ that the lifetime warranty on this titanium plate doesn’t expire anytime soon, but even if it does… I had a good run and got at least 5 bonus years!

Thanks again Lord! Whatta Ya say we try it again?! (Not the machete thing. The trip around the sun thing.)

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