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Welcome to Volume 1 of mini blog series “From 29 to 31.”  

I turned 31 ten days ago, and if there’s one thing I’ve learned over those 31 years, it’s that people will react to blogs about machete attacks and relationships.  So, if you like those blogs, gird the loins of your attention span, because this mini-series of blogs has got something for ya…and more.

Quick Context Break

In case you didn’t click that first link, in October of 2015 I got hit in the head with a machete, on purpose.  About a month later I came back to my new home, fresh off the heels of that attack to a hero-like welcome that was more than I deserved.


If you skipped the video (or if the link didn’t work), it’s basically me talking about two very specific dreams, from two different women in my life.  Both happened on key days in the month advancing my attack and were both an accurate forecast of what would happen.

I’d been torn about whether or not I should go on this trip.  The day I decided to go is the day of the first dream.  The day I was leaving for the plane was the day of the second dream. 

But why these dreams?  Were they warnings?  If so, couldn’t He have given a more specific message?  “Hey Matt.  On the night October 29 in Livingstone, Zambia there are some dudes who are gonna sneak in and try to rob you and your friends, they’ll have machetes. Heads up! … Pun Intended”

If it was supposed to be a warning, that would have been both more effective… and hilarious.  

However, I don’t think these dreams were to warn me, but rather, to awaken me anew to His specific knowledge of my life. 

I am reminded of Job.  As some have said, I believe that the story of Job isn’t solely about a man trusting God, but also about God trusting a man.

You see…I believe that everything in life is an opportunity; an opportunity to be a victim or to be more than a conqueror.  What happens to us isn’t our choice, what we become as a result of it is.

I’m increasingly realizing that, as an adopted son of God, I’m entrusted with His reputation. 

When someone cuts me off in traffic and I don’t give them a middle-finger salute, I believe God is glorified, because integrity matters. However, if I were to ever fail in my restraint, His reputation wouldn’t take a big hit.

However, when something “major” happens, like a machete to the head and a subsequent surgery on the skull, more attention will follow. As one of His ambassadors, the greater my hardship or success, the greater the number of people His reputation is on the line with.

I won’t apply my specific situation to everyone, I think that’s painting with too broad of a brush, but by the Lord showing those women those things with that timing, it helped me believe a couple of things in particular…

1. He knew it was coming and He protected me from worse fate                  
2. He trusted me deeply

Honestly, I’ve deeply sought being trusted in my life, probably too much, but I’d never felt so trusted as when He let this happen to me. It was as if He said, “Here are 10,000 plus sets of eyes and ears. I trust the man I’ve made. I trust my handiwork.”

With that…

I’ve felt so inspired to live more boldly and dangerously to the kingdom of darkness than ever before, and even more fully for and from the Kingdom of God.  

I never felt so unleashed to chase what or who I feel He could potentially be calling me to in life.

I knew I’d be encumbered by pain and disappointment, but I resolved to do my best to not be stopped because of potential or actual brokenness and failure.

I knew it before, but it’s more clear now that my life is actively being spared every moment I have it.

That knowledge and the trust revealed in those dreams has furthered my resolve that I carry a mandate from the Lord. I don’t think I’m the only one with that mandate, but my mandate is all I can speak for.

I hope you will carry a similar resolve, but as for me…

I want to relent what I can perceive on my own and do as Colossians 3 says, look to what is unseen, not what is seen.

I want to live a courageous and grit-filled life, not fueled by desire for risk and resilience themselves, but fueled by the trust He has in His handiwork that looks back at me from the mirror… to make each moment, day, and year something worth being spared for.  

He’s paid a lot for me, as for He has for you… I don’t know about you, but I want to get what He paid for.

Getting a resolve is one thing. Keeping it is another… So… how have I done in those things in the time between turning 30 and turning 31?

Well…I’ve prepared more blogs on that topic, and one of them will come next Tuesday…      …Lord willin.

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6 responses to “Machete Mandate (From 29 to 31: Volume 1)”

  1. I have so much admiration for what I see in you, Matt. I see a man with great insight and opportunity making himself available to God to work through Him however He sees fit. I see a man of strength who cares for others and seeks to follow God. Those are characteristics of someone who has discovered the truly important things in life and is determined to walk them out in a society that isn’t overwhelmingly strong or supportive to those ideals. May you continue to walk with Him! It’s a blessing to know you.

  2. Great blog Matt Blair! I got a few mattIsms from this one to write down!

  3. I really look up to and respect you, Matt, even more so after reading this. Lucky to call you friend!

  4. Matt, this is so so good. Great perprective and so much wisdom. Looking forward to the next blog

  5. Matt, such a good word…. so much wisdom and heart from the Lord… thank you for sharing!!!